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If you want to explore life under the sea, but aren’t ready for diving, then snorkeling may be the answer. With minimal equipment, a mask, snorkel and fins, you can see down through the crystal clear waters and become one with a whole new world of life that lives below the surface.

Snorkeling is great, just as are all the other water sports we mention here. But we must also talk about the dangers of such activities. This coast, from Cádiz to Gibraltar, is subject to strong underwater currents that even the locals treat with respect and caution. Therefore, we recommend that, if you choose to go snorkeling, you do so in groups and stay in shallow, safe water. Please never let children or weak swimmers do any water activity without proper supervision.

If you want to go deeper, to explore shipwrecks and see what goes on way below the surface, then scuba diving is also very popular here. A great many people come to this area specifically to dive. From coral to submerged ruins to the most incredibly colorful and varied aquatic life; all here and ready for you to see.

You can even learn to scuba dive here, too. There are plenty of schools in the area that will teach you safely and gently to use the equipment and, ultimately, be able to enjoy the wonders of the open ocean from an underwater perspective.